A welcoming corner in the heart of Minorca, an island open to the natural elements, in an old renovated building, where art breathes freely, where line invokes a frank dialogue, where the material dissolves..

A unique trajectory which began 21 years ago, where authenticity is the guide, supporting artists whose work is the true expression of their personal quests, and which – more than current trends – promotes human values above commercial considerations.

An adventure that turns clients into participants, shared with anyone wishing to take part, that transcends its geographical limits through an unmistakeable universal vocation..

Sergio Sánchez-Pando.

From the very beginning, the ENCANT Gallery has conceived as its mission a bridge between artists and collectors acquiring their work, manteining clear criteria of selection in order to transmit the beauty and harmony of an authentic artistic creation.

This committment to the transmission of values such as quality, truth and beauty represents the ultimate goal of the gallery’s project, an unspoken but continual guest to discover works wich display with complete sincerity the inner world of its artists.

To this end, ENCANT offers an opportunity for collectors of all ages to set out upon the path of contemplation, ...