Takeshi Motomiya (Tokyo, Japan 1959) With a Masters degree in Fine Art from the Tama Art University of Tokyo, the academic studies of Motomiya concentrated on printmaking, despite which, his artistic career has developed principally in the medium of painting. In 1989 he founded the Taller Nou in Barcelona with his associate Joan Roma. He has collaborated with a multitude of national and international artists such as Antoni Tapies, Barry Flanagan, Balthus, Teresa Ganzedo and Miquel Barceló. His work has been exhibited mainly in Tokyo, in galleries such as Ueda, Gallery 412, the 21+yo and the Okamura Gallery, but also in other cities like the Yamaguchi Gallery in Chiba or the Ecru-no-mori of Mishima. Also in his native land, Motomiya has participated in various editions of the Nippon International Contemporary Art Festival, and his work can be seen at the Japan Art Dealers Association. Currently living in Barcelona, he has exhibited in Spain since 1989, largely in Catalonian galleries such as the Punto Arte, the Central or Galería Helena Ramos. His association with ENCANT began with a group exhibition in 2003.

Tránsito a la luz interior October 10 2012
Luz Interior Takeshi Motomiya October 10 2012