Jose ÁngelSintes

Jose Angel Sintes (Menorca 1978)   Sintes obtained a degree in Fine Art from the University of Barcelona, and whilst studying there, was granted an Honorific Mention and also recognition in the Premi Sant Antoni de Pintura of the Fundación Sa Nostra  for 3 consecutive years in the artist under 30 years category. During this period, his work was selected for inclusion in the Annual Exhibition of the faculty of fine art. His collaboration with ENCANT began after obtaining his degree in 2002.   He lived in Oporto and Lisbon until 2005, year in which he received first prize in the Fundación Sa Nostra competition, which also published a catalogue of his recent works. After spending some time in his native island, he moved to the United Kingdom where he produced the greater part of his paper-based works. On returning home in 2009 , he was awarded the Premio Ciutat de Palma de Artes Visuales, and a selection of his oeuvre featured in a catalogue published by the Fundación Palma Espai d’Art, with a prologue by Juan Manuel Bonet and commentary by Pau Waelder.  In 2010 he took part in the Arte Emergente en las Islas Baleares project, which united a generation of artists representative of the plastic arts in the Balearics today.   In 2012 his most recent work could be seen at the Torre Vella cultural centre in Salou,  the Centre Tecla Sala in Barcelona, the 7thPremio Salou de Investigación Pictórica and in the Premio Internacional of the Guasch Coranty foundation.

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