RAMON SUAU, Barcelona 1975. Lives in Palma.
Degree in Fine Art from the University of Barcelona. Education in Pedagogy of Art by the UPC
and Master in Multimedia MDPM by Engineering and Architecture La Salle and the URL.
In Barcelona linked to the development of different start-up multimedia services projects, he
also works in the audiovisual sector in co-productions with TV3, A3 or the European
Broadcasting Union and publicity for the Bassat Group. Already in 2006 he moves to Menorca
where he realizes his first solo-show in Encant and begins his teaching task that continues until
Visual artist, always with a slight accent of a painter, working from the video and, at the same
time, fits in other resources such as photography, drawings, or the expanded painting to make
his sitespecific projects. Focusing on the areas of decision that influence and determine the
development of a project, seduced by a kind of chaotic atractor, deepened in the mechanisms
of concretion of the image and in the loss of information to become aware of the dimension
between the relevant and superfluou. His pieces have been seen in national and international
galleries and festivals around the world.
Insatiable traveller, with lines, a draw series, he charts each itinerary from a place to another
documented in the adondeiremosaparar project. As a cultural agitator he founded
Mentepensante_neuronal space for the promotion of collaborative work in the fields of media
and new technologies, art and culture. Finalist in 2015 of Obra Abierta International Art Prize
Caja Extremadura and the prestigious Guasch Coranty International Painting Prize and BMW

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